Sunday, 7 February 2016

Do you remember....

Do you remember that time I used to blog? Yes me too. 

I would religiously write content and edit images and barely a day went by without a blog post cropping up on this screen. Those days seem to be long gone. And I am almost ashamed to even open up the editing page on blogger. I feel like we're long lost friends; you know the ones you unintentionally loose contact with along the way and then try to resume a friendship many month or years later. 

I would read to my hearts content, sourcing inspiration at every turn whether it was other blogs, websites or books and pinterest was my best friend. However life has a funny way of pushing us off path.  Spending my days on social media as part of my job has somewhat made me eliminate it from my personal life. I love the digital world. But sometimes I feel like I am overdosing on it. 

Sometimes I stick my head in the clouds, because it's easier that way. But there comes a time when you have to get down from the clouds and re-enter the world. Now is that time.


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