Sunday, 16 November 2014

Kite Beach, Dubai

I arrived in Dubai over 5 months ago as a fresh faced expat, ready to take on the city and enjoy a few weeks of unemployment in this super sunny land and make friends with beach that's a mere 10 min walk from our apartment.

And then I realised that it's summer in Dubai, it's ramadan and quite frankly it's too hot to even leave the apartment. I managed one trip to the beach which lasted about and hour and left me sweaty and delirious. 

So as the temperatures started to decline over the last few weeks, a beach trip was very very high on my priority list. Two weekends ago (that shows you how quickly time is passing) we decided to explore the infamous Kite Beach in Jumeriah, that we had heard so much about. People rave about this beach and I have to say it's rather beautiful. 

It's not a fancy beach lined with beach bars or beach clubs; there are plenty of hotels in the area if that's what your after. No it's a beautiful white sandy beach, with amazing views of the Burj Al Arab and a handful of uber cool little foodie concepts ( some of which haven't opened yet as the area is still having a bit of a makeover). 

We went very early in Saturday morning and it was blissful; a handful of families were dotted around, a morning kids sports club were doing activities and early bird couples like ourselves were enjoying the fresh morning air. 

The vibe at this beach is totally up my street. I can't be bothered to get dressed up or put makeup on for the beach and hit up a trendy beach club; no I would much rather let my hair absorb the salt water, kick back on my towel with my toes in the sand and sip on my home made juice. 

Anyone looking for a laid back beach to enjoy lazy winter weekends in Dubai, this is the one. 

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