Friday, 20 November 2009

Future Fashion Now

Each year, roughly 3000 new fashion designers invade the industry and the London scene with fresh ideas, original concepts and a sense anticipation about what the future seasons hold. Yes 3000 enigmatic young things each year is a startling thought, but it is a prolific reminder, especially for those of you who severely underestimate the fashion industry, of the effect fashion has and the big business it commands. 

Future Fashion Now is, in someways a celebration of fashion, and in many other ways a representation of the Royal College of Art, from which the designers featured in exhibition, all stem from.

The Royal College of Art's fashion program was established in 1948, the very same year the infamous New Look came out of the Dior fashion house in Paris. In a dynamic exhibition space, Future Fashion Now explores the main ideas behind the composition of fashion; Detail, Technique, Form and Concept, in order to establish collections with technical notoriety and modern detail which maintain a refreshing burst of originality. 



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